Abrolhos islands spearfishing western Australia

Pelican charters encourages selective fishing only taking enough fish for ones immediate needs and respecting the marine life of Western Australia.
Spearfishing and Free diving are growing in popularity in western Australia due to clear water, large fish, healthy outdoors activities, exercise, superb seafood and education.

Abrolhos islands diving charters

Most spearfishing is done by free diving, which basically refers to diving without tanks or another oxygen source. Abrolhos islands spearfishing with a tank, makes it too easy to get fish

Spearing is very Eco sustainable, with no by-catch and then not a problem for over fishing. Spear-fishers are limited in where and when they can hunt, with factors like visibility, depth of water and strong currents limit where and when you can spear.

Abrolhos island Fishing charters

Spear fishing charters Geraldton Wa Factors that limit the potential impact the sport can  ensure the conservation of our fisheries resources
There is no doubt that spearfishing has been attracting more and more people, the thrill of the chase.
So beautiful down there in the under water world. Abrolhos islands spearfishing can stop time, disappear into another world.

Abrohlos Island Charters

Search vast areas spearfishing Abrolhos, looking for your days catch.
We will take you to many groups for different  to show you the most wonderful underwater Environments and Eco systems you can experience.
Abrolhos Islands fishing are some of the best fishing islands Australia offer

You will not have to dive deep to catch the fish but the adventure bigger fish will drag you deeper into the water.

Abrolhos island Accommodation is catered for on the Pelican, with meals and beds supplied.