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Houtman Abrolhos islands holidays

Western Australian coast, Pelican charters take you to our best kept secrets

 50 mile West of Geraldton a Coral coast, Only 4 hours north from Perth. Tropical and temperate Leeuwin Current flows southwards thru over 100 km’s, 122 islands. Marine life areas of coral reef.

The Home of Rock lobster and local attractions and Batavia historical sites, The Southern group.  The Easter group, Rat Island and the special Long Island, West and East Wallaby islands,

Abrolhos islands boat charters

WA Just Another Day, Plain relaxing. Jump on the Pelican for your next Overnight trip of a lifetime live aboard for 3/7 day Tour. Abrolhos islands fishing charters. Explore the many island groups. Interact with the Indian Ocean and the Aussie great Outdoors. Australia’s coral coast. Unspoilt Beautiful natural bays and beaches ideal for snorkelling, swimming, windsurfing, Whale watching, fish and even Surf charters Super tubes, Long left handers of Leos are memorable experience




Our New vessel lets your see this region whilst living aboard as if you were at home.

Pelican offers a comfortable day at sea, accommodating small groups of up to 18 passengers, which allows for the days activities to be flexible to keep everyone happy! Renowned for taking locals to our best tourism attractions call us for you next Booking
Why not get a group together, work colleagues or friends, book your deep blue week away, out on the Indian ocean see our coastal region The ideal destination location package for the adventurous.



Abrolhos island Charters

Fishing trips

Pelican takes you to our most popular fishing locations Australia has to offer! Some of the most relaxing times you’ll ever experience. We provide live-aboard cabins, all meals, rods, gear, bait and tackle. Jump on Deck! Depart from Geraldton harbour for a Holiday trawling over shallows. Anchoring to deep-sea jigging and bottom bouncing for pelagic species.

Fishing trips
Abrolhos islands charters

Live-aboard Abrohlos dive charters


Coral Atolls Spectacular amongst some of the best snorkelling, spearfishing trips. Some great country some of the best reef in the world. A pristine Aquatic eco environment for the scuba divers among us. There is 18 shipwrecks from the Dutch in 1629 more from the 19th century. Create your vacation underwater!

Diving holidays

Old Sea lions, Brandon and Peter began planning and building a marine business back in 2004. Casual, friendly skippers, owners and licensed operators, offer Professional knowledge and local experience. Happy to put in extra, Give you exclusive unforgettable experiences to leading excellent destinations. Travelling with Pelican allows you to Explore beautiful locations.

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80ft Jet powered by two 1000 hp Caterpillars and Hamelton jets
Purpose built for Offshore oil and gas, Recently renovated for houseboat accomodation

Capable for the deep sea and Wa”s biggest weather, Designed specifically for custom comfort cruising,