Montebello Islands Western Australia 

The Montebello Islands are approximately 65 kilometres West of Dampier and 10 miles North of Barrow Island lies a world renowned Destination.

Pelican Charters – Perfect company ready to take you to some of the best aquatic grounds in the world.

The best time of year is between  August and October . We run Montebellos fishing trips during these months as the weather is at its best. And not so good in Perth. Why not get a group together with your work colleagues or friends, for some seriously fun fishing action on a Pelican Montebello Holiday.

Montebello Islands Charters

Our North West Coast of western Australia. Fly to Karratha. Depart from Dampier Port for a six nights five day fishing holiday. Travelling through the Dampier Archipelagos. Depart the first night and arrive in time for breakfast at your fishing destination. Spend the day jigging or bottom bouncing and deep sea sport fishing. Trawl back through coral reefs to the anchorage. Walk through the mangroves for some mud crabs. Have some dinner and a few beers. Catch some squid off the marlin board and then at end of the day sit back and enjoy the night sky.

Pilbara Fishing Charters present opportunity for incredible action packed, exhilarating holidays. We take you to a place, rich in natural marine diversity and human paradise.

Come and encounter a wide range of species, the experience will leave with memories to last a lifetime.

Islands Fishing 

Some of the most relaxing times you’ll ever experience. We provide live-aboard cabins, all meals, fishing rods, gear, bait and tackle. Pelican takes you to our most popular fishing locations Australia has to offer!

Jump on Deck! Depart from Dampier harbour for a holiday trawling over shallows anchoring to deep-sea jigging and bottom bouncing for pelagic species and a full menu of fish.

Bottom bouncing.

Drifting or anchored, dangling a couple of baits above a snapper sinker is an Aussies favourite technique for catching big reds and coral trout as they are all great fighters and delicious eating.


Trawl miles of the Pilbara coast. The more time you spend trolling lures the more ground you’re going to cover and the more game fish you’re going to catch.


Jigging is becoming one of Australia’s favourite technique for catching big reds and coral trout as they are all great fighters on little gear.

If you are crazy about fishing or want to try it for the first time, we have it all planned for you!

Our crew will help you in catching, bagging and freezing the fish for you – thereby making it a totally fun experience.

Trips departing Dampier

Dampier Archipelago – National park – 42 pristine islands that lie off the coast. Hosting a diverse number of marine life species and some of Western Australia’s best diving and snorkelling spots. These regional areas are a coastal playground. Also offers world-class fishing spots yo find deep water, reef or sheltered inlets.

We travel though the Montebello Islands marine park, tours of the area where British atomic tests were carried out. Take in some diversity and human history or radiation levels :)

Stand on top of Hermite island and view the area where they detonated an atomic bomb. A nuclear testing, weapons tests site? See how far the explosion carried the wreckage over Trimouille and alpha.

Most of all, enjoy life and the natural  landscape of some great Western Australian scenery.

Begin the morning with a hot piping coffee from the coffee machine. Fill your belly with a delicious hot cooked breakfast to get you ready for all the day’s events of adventure and fishing.

Start by dropping a line or jigging a lure for Red Emperor, Rankin Cod, Golden Snapper, Spanish Mackerel, Tuna, Giant trevally, Crimson Sea Perch, Spangled Emperor, Marlin, Sailfish, Wahoo and more bottom fishing to trolling the reefs and using soft plastics to your hearts content.

As for the weather.. is one of the clearest places in Australia. The wet season begins around January and ends around July. Our trips are in the dry season, July to November. It experiences exceptionally high daytime temperatures, wind speed and numbers of clear days. It also experiences far below average rainfall and humidity levels. Overnight temperatures are above average and numbers of cloudy days are below average.

Liveaboard Accommodation

Our newest and biggest vessel, Livewire, is the best way to see this region whilst living aboard with all the comforts of home.

Livewire offers a comfortable day at sea. Accommodates small groups of up to 18 passengers which allows the day’s activities to be flexible to keep everyone happy. Choose between Private cabins and shared accommodation is available to suit everyone.

Why not get a group together with family and friends and book your deep blue week away out on the Indian Ocean to experience our WA coastal region. Renowned for taking you to the best tourist attractions, a Pelican Charter’s fishing live-aboard trip is the ideal destination fishing package for the adventurous. We have a free PDF for more information, with the dates and all the frequently asked questions and details and requirements.

Call or email us to arrange your next exciting Montebello Island fishing charters.

Old sea dogs, Brandon and Peter began planning and building a marine business back in 2004. Casual, friendly skippers, owners and licensed operators, offering professional knowledge and local experience. Happy to put in extra and give you exclusive unforgettable experiences. Livewire travels to leading destinations, allowing you to to explore beautiful locations.

For more information on our tours terms and conditions, talk to the Pelican team to arrange your ideal fishing holiday adventure. Book your trip by calling our office on 08 9249 1535.

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