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Established in 2004. Brandon and Peter started the Pelican charters. With a love of the water, together have experienced, the lessons of the ocean and what Mother Nature has to offer! We have learned along the way. We don’t claim to be the best, or have the best boats. Have no need too; this has naturally evolved along the way. We love to share boating experiences, Fishing Diving and Surfing the bays and reefs of our west Australian coral coast.

We live by the philosophy that the Indian Ocean is limited for most to explore. So we are here to help you explore and experience new things.  Get out and see what’s going on in your own city.  Get away for the weekends to Rottnest Island, or spend the day on or cruise on the Swan River. Even our live aboard holiday trip can turn up a completely new experience.

We are proud to be well known in the industry, are tourism board accredited, licensed by fisheries and certified with Parks and Wildlife. Our immediate travel tour plans focus around Perth & travelling to the Houtman Abrolhos Islands, Shark bay and the Montebello Islands. We’ve been back year after year and still have so much more to see. Western Australia’s a huge state, so we are currently planning to explore more of the northwest, Pilbara and the Kimberly. Share as much of it as possible. I hope you’ll find some inspiration, useful information and planning tips that will help you on your own adventures.

We are even more proud of our accomplishments, the Pelican started as a 48ft vessel. She was a little bit stubby. Back in 2007, with our hands on experience, Brandon once a boilermaker, Peter once a builder. Strategically cut her in half and added 14ft as a center compartment for extra room, buoyancy and deck space. Now sparkling 62ft charter vessel. All approved to the latest AMSA standards

Original Pelican

Just to take our accommodation to the next level, we purchased “Livewire” a 24m vessel. She served some time at barrow Island for chevron and was a little tired. After 5 months, we wondered what have we done. 7 months later, we had done it. Now sparkling 62ft charter vessel. All approved to the latest AMSA standards

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