Carnac Island charters and boat tours

Carnac Island charters, or Rottnest Island are about as good as it gets. If you are looking for a place close to Perth in a boat.

They are popular favourites and are truly awesome places to spend the day. Only a short distance from Perth Western Australia lays Carnac island. The Perfect place, suited for social events, Hens parties, family events, birthdays and Christmas parties. Here you will find that there is plenty of space to relax and a lot to see both above and below the water.A perfect for a quick island getaway.

The mere fact that Carnac Island is not accessible to most people, makes it a rare and unique place to visit. The snorkelling is amazing with abundant fish, stunning corals and other marine life.Sit back in luxury and soak up the sunshine while enjoying the atmosphere.
The best time for Carnac charters is usually in summer but it really depends on what you like to do. For relaxing, try swimming or snorkelling or for a more adventurous activity there is diving. If a party is your thing, then why not book for a Carnac party boat charter.
The Island is a nature reserve. Whilst camping or walking is not permitted on the island.
and we do not recommend setting foot on the island as it is riddled with Carnac Island snakes which are dangerous. Depending on the weather you can venture out for leisure and enjoy the birds nesting and take some pictures. The island is inhabited with huge Sea Lions and fun loving Seals. Simply admire these beautiful creatures.
There is plenty of  swimming or snorkelling in the shallow waters, to enjoy from our vessel.
We moor on the southern side of the island or drive close to the beach on the eastern side.
Pelican Charters depart from Easr st jetty Fremantle for Carnac Island day tours. Hire our boats for the perfect day out.

Whilst you can dive on from any side of the island, we have found the west side to be the best. Swim around all of the rocks and ledges or go out further west and find a patch of ground. You will be surprised at what exists underwater. The seals and sea lions are a lot of fun and playful to swim with when they decide to join in. Come and see these awesome creatures in their natural home all included on your fun day out. No extra fees here.