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Carnac Island Cruise

Carnac Island Wa, Located just off the Perth Western coast, in between Rottnest and Garden Island, from Fremantle you can do that in less than 20 minutes easily with Pelican charters.

The only way to get to Carnac Island is by a boat cruise .

Carnac island sea lions

Carnac island tours Perth Western Australia

You will find that there is plenty of space to relax and a lot to see both above and below the Water! around Perth seal island Western Australia
Best time to visit Carnac Island is usually in summer, but it depends on what you want to do. For relaxing, Swimming and diving or a Party boat charter

Carnac Island is a nature reserve one of the many attractions available in islands off Western Australia. , You are not allowed to camp or walk on Carnac Island, it is quite big, but nothing in comparison to Rottnest Island.

 We moore on the southern side of the island or drive close to the beach on the eastern side. Of course, depending on the weather you can go wherever you want to. The island as a shield for the most enjoyable time. On the east side where it is usually protected, the bottom is sand and the sea lions are in their habitat, take a few good pictures, and they are usually sleeping on the beach.

I would highly recommend that you don’t go on the island is ridden with Carnac island Snakes. they are incredibly dangerous. Often there is a fence up on the beach, especially when the birds are nesting.Carnac Island inhabited with seals and the huge Sea Lions, and amazing to watch both on the beach, In many places of the world you have to pay to see and swim with these great creatures. Hiring boats in Perth on a tour to Carnac Island you can always hire our boat in Perth. There are a number of places that you can do this from, Perth And Fremantle for getting to Carnac Island on a reasonable day.


Simply having a location which is not accessible to most,makes Carnac island a privilege, you will thoroughly enjoy the snorkel. Abundant fish and corals and marine life around island.

Carnac Island Boat hire

You can dive on any side of the island, but we found the west side to be the best.  Swim around all of the rocks and ledges, or you can go out further west and find a patch of ground. You will be surprised at what exists underwater.The seals and sea lions are a lot of fun to swim with, but can be unpredictable. Some days they are very playful and will stick around for a long time when you are swimming, whilst other times they will get going pretty quickly.

Finding a place close to Perth in a boat, Carnac island and Garden Island or Rottnest island is about as good as it gets.

The island itself is popular for people to Moore Carnac Island is truly an awesome place to spend the day

Carnac island is a good location. You will have a lot of fun! if you haven’t been I would highly recommend it.

The island is a great place, belongs to various wild animals and that’s how it should stay

There are great reef there and heap of fish, Straggler’s Reef is the next lumpy section you can see further west sticking out of the water. There is plenty of ocean to explore it!