Abrolhos islands dive charters

Abrolhos Islands Dive charters  Scuba, Snorkelling & Free diving or fishing islands Australia

Live aboard Trips available for the April to July  Season. Stay overnight live onboard, Abrolhos island Accommodation, Meals and Bunks are provided

The pelican is well equipped for the 3 hour journey across to the islands with Twin Motors , 2 Gensets and a compressor for your tanks

We have a great marlin board for access in to the deep blue.spare scuba tanks onboard, Byo your Kit or one can be arranged

The crew on the pelican are all dive masters and know how to cater for individuals and groups.

dive charters Abrolhos islands Western Australia coral coast

Well known for a Geraldton fishing charter. unknown to many! most haven’t even seen a Abrolhos islands Map

Great diving, wrecks and reefs, eco divers can get some great underwater Abrolhos islands photos

You can check out the Batavia ship wreck read up on Abrolhos islands history, the voyage the mutiny, murders an Rescue

Everyone goes to Exmouth or shark bay or some beach shack somewhere, packing all your gear trailers the kitchen sink!

For your next Dive Adventure holiday. Once you go get onboard for Abrolhos islands dive charters or Abrolhos island fishing charters

There is no turning back, just sit back relax as the crew does everything for you.

Whilst you sit back enjoy the view the ocean and the salt air

All you have to worry about is do I go for a dive or sit back with beer and have a fish!

Abrohlos island charters call 089 2491535

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