Fishing charters Australia

If you have a group of friends and you want to keep it private.

One of the great things also for the first time or inexperienced fisherman is the help that you receive, and the fact that all the fishing gear and bait is provided and help is at hand to ensure you catch a prize fish during the day. Although no one can guarantee that you will catch a fish, it is unlikely that you won’t with the write bait and Furino fish finder on the boat.

Fishing charters Abrolhos Islands. Some of the most relaxing times you’ll ever experience. We provide live-aboard cabins, all meals, rods, gear, bait and tackle. Pelican charters takes you to our most popular fishing trips Australia has to offer! Abrolhos island charters. Jump on Deck! Depart from Geraldton harbour for a Holiday trawling over shallows out to the deep-sea jigging and bottom bouncing for pelagic species

Fishing charters Western Australia

Drifting or anchored dangling a couple of baits above a snapper sinker is Australia’s favourite technique for catching big reds and coral trout, as they are all great fighters and great eating.

Trawl miles of the Pilbara coast, the more time you spend trolling lures the more ground you’re going to cover and the more fish you’re going to catch. Approximately 65 kilometres west of Dampier and 10 miles North of Barrow Island lies the world renowned Pelican at the Montes ready to take you to some of the best Aquatic grounds in the world for your Montebello fishing Charters

Live wire Holiday in Western Australia.

Livewire is much different than taking out your own small boat in the glaring sun. One of the things you will enjoy about being on a charter fishing holidays, will be the fully covered canopies, toilet facilities  on the boat, accommodation & cabins and the food provided,

Fnd out more fore your next holiday in WA

Whether it is swimming beneath the crystal clear water surface of the incredible Islands, the delicious breakfast and coffee machine, or the fishing holiday that you get to experience. All of it is utterly relaxing and reinvigorating featuring beautiful beaches, bays, and lagoons fringed by mangroves in places that are well worth taking a tour among 265 islands surrounded by corals and tropical fish.