Fishing packages Western Australia

Live aboard our charter boat, Pelican Charters tours in west Australia taking you out on the water around Perth area, to Geraldton, out to the Houtman Abrolhos, Denham to Shark Bay, Exmouth to the Montebello’s to top  kimberley fishing packages.

Abrolhos Islands Fishing trips

Australia’s best fishing Islands are located approximately 70 k’s west of Geraldton coast, There are 122 islands forming a perfect conditions and habitat for fishing adventures. Depart from Geraldton fishermen’s harbour for a 4 nights 4 day fishing holidays. Find a paradise with large populations of fish. including incredible Action packed exhilarating fishing holiday experience, booking with Pelican Charters new vessel Livewire, offers  a comfortable day at sea, accommodation for small groups of up to 18 passengers. allowing you to see this region whilst living aboard.

Montebello Islands Fishing packages

Pilbara Fishing tours sure of an incredible Action packed exhilarating fishing holiday experience, the Montes has a wide range of species that you will encounter, Montebello Islands Fishing Charters, Some of the best fishing Australia has on offer! Some of the most relaxing times you’ll ever experience. We provide live-aboard holiday adventure, great cabins, all meals, fish rods, gear, bait and tackle. Pelican takes you to our most popular fishing locations Australia has to offer! Montebello islands reef fishing experienceJump on Deck! Depart from Dampier harbour for a Holiday trawling over shallows home to deep sea jigging and bottom bouncing for pelagic species

Western Australian fishing trip charter company, book with our guides, for the Holiday of a lifetime. Our coral coast is just as special as Margaret river in the south west. Our vessel Livewire set up for nights accommodation for up to 14 persons,