Rottnest island boat charters

With the pelican Charters in Perth

Rottnest charters with an Easy going crew so you can enjoy your Relaxing Day

Regardless of the wind direction We always find a calm bay to have a nice swim. There is so much to see both underwater and on land!

A number of bays we take our Rottnest Island boat to Thompson Bay, Longreach Bay and Geordie Bay, amazing for fishing and snorkelng and Diving.

The pelican is a great boat to party on for you rottnest charters, being a jet boat we get you in close to the beach

Have the best Sound system with plenty of room to dance!

upstairs seating whist boat Touring the Island

We can drop you in Perth or Fremantle later!

Boat cruises perth to Rottnest Island can be one of the most enjoyable experiences in your life.

For the locals it is a well guarded secret. Perth, Western Australia is home to about 1.2 million people and there is an island only 18 kilometres away that has held back the tide of rampant tourist exploitation.

The waters surrounding Rottnest Island are crystal clear postcard blue, offering the most perfect conditions for snorkelling. Diving charters, cruises from Perth depart daily with a variety of operators and whilst mainly daily only, can also be overnight.

This is certainly one of my choices. When you step aboard the island you can enjoy the white sandy beaches for swimming and the odd liquid refreshment. But it is on the boat where the fishing buff will experience a real joy.

One of the things that most visitors will enjoy about being on a Rottnest Island charters trip or cruise, will be the fully covered canopies on the boat, the toilet facilities and the food and drink amenities.

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